Top 8 Travel Destinations For Digital Nomads


Digital nomads thrive on travelling and finding the best places to work. Often cost of living and decent Internet are factors that contribute to a desirable digital nomad destination. This short guide will provide you with a list of must-go digital nomad travel hubs.




Vilnius Lithuania


Lithuania is an excellent place to visit for digital nomads simply because of its super fast Internet. The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius has a very large student population, meaning that it has a young, vibrant atmosphere. With plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants, Vilnius is a digital nomads dream. The cost of renting a small apartment is around 400 euros ($425) per month.


Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is known as the tech hub of Africa making it a great location for tech junkies. The scenery is exceptional and there are plenty of places to plug your laptop in and work. If you are looking for a room or small studio apartment, expect to pay around 10,000 South African Rand per month. ($766)


Santiago, Chile

Chile is popular with digital nomads because of the money that has been pumped into improving the Internet. You can find free Wifi in most cafes and there are lots of things to keep you occupied in Santiago. Such as rafting down the Andes, hiking the Patagonian wilderness and much more. You can rent a small studio apartment for $500 a month.



Ku Samui, Thailand

Ku Samui is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand. Excellent for digital nomads as it has plenty of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Picturesque beaches and a peaceful ambience making it a wonderful place to stay and work. Living costs are exceptionally cheap, it is possible to rent a small studio for as little as $258 per month. If you want to go down the luxury route, rent an upmarket villa with a swimming pool for $1000 per month.


Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is an excellent spot to plant yourself if you are an up and coming digital nomad. Why? They believe that Internet access is a human right, and they have a passionate Information technology community. Internet access is readily available in most cafes and workspaces. Accommodation is cheap too, you can rent a decent place for around $500 per month.


Medellin, Colombia


Medellin is a hub for creative digital nomads and entrepreneurs. Medellin has developed significantly in the past 10 years with lots to do and see. Free Internet access is readily available, you certainly won’t get the best Internet access here but living costs are low, and you will bump into lots of creative people. You can rent a decent place for around $200 per month.



Chiang Mai, Thailand


You cannot have a digital nomad travel guide without including Chiang Mai. It is the most popular destination for digital nomads, bloggers and solo entrepreneurs. The cost of living, beautiful scenery, availability of fresh, healthy foods, as well the availability of free Internet are all massive draws for digital nomads.


Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon is great for the trendy nomad, the cost of living can often be quite high in Lisbon. However, the delightful scenery and vibrant nightlife make for a suitable destination for some digital nomads. The average cost of living is about $1500, which is expensive compared to Thailand, but cheap compared to many other European cities. Life during the day is slow in Portugal but the beautiful scenery makes it an excellent base to live and work.