Using Social Media to Boost your Travel Business


Social media is a huge asset when it comes to running any business in today’s world. The travel business is a primary example of this. If you are running your own tour business or travel agency, it can be of even more importance to running a successful operation. Gone are the times where you could rely on walk-in clients and word of mouth. It is now vital to build and engage your audience on social media. Here are a few key things you can do to help both boost and manage your social media audience to benefit your travel business.

Building a Loyal Following

Building a social media following can be a long and laborious effort. At many times, this may seem like it is not paying dividends. The key however is patience. This combined with persistence and the correct targeting will eventually lead to establishing a strong and loyal following who also represent your key customer base.

For advice and professional assistance building a following on a larger scale, it may often be beneficial to enlist the services of a social media manager or digital marketing agency. This can be costly at the outset, but you will know that you are targeting the correct demographics in the correct manner. These days, you have a number of options available to recruit part-time staff members on the likes of Fiver and Upwork without breaking your budget.

Targeted Promotions

An excellent way to see a clear return or to even measure a realistic return from your social media engagement is to target special deals and other promotions to your social media audience. The benefits of this strategy will be two-fold. Firstly, it will serve as a great boost to your audience numbers and secondly, it will allow you to get a realistic idea of how engaged your social media following are in your business.

To a lesser extent, running opinion polls and quizzes on your social media pages can also help you to measure the levels of actual engagement among your following.

Encourage Sharing

The greater the sharing of your posts from your audience members, the further the reach of your business. This means that your brand name is getting out there and self-promoting further and further afield. To benefit most from this, you should make sure that you photograph your trips as much as possible and that all of your photographs and videos are watermarked in some way.

This type of marketing strategy should invariably lead viewers back to the source, in this case, your business. From here you can further increase your audience and entice them with new-member trip discounts and other promotions and competitions for liking or sharing your page.