Skiing in Antarctica

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Antarctica represents the final frontier for even the most seasoned of adventure travelers. Just by going there at all, you have accomplished a travel feat which most can only dare to dream of. If you are keen to embrace some equally daring activities during your trip, skiing should be high on your to-do list.

Skiing in Antarctica is one of the most thrilling things you can do during your visit. Although it’s certainly not for the faint of heart, the opportunity to roam through the epic icy plains is an experience which will live long in the memory.

Do I Need to be a Good Skier?

In short, yes. The isolation, difficulty of access and preservation of natural wilderness are all key factors in our motivations to travel to Antarctica. Do not expect ski resorts and chair lifts, this is skiing in its rawest form, at one with nature.

There are options of both cross-country and downhill skiing and whilst the former may afford a lower level of physical intensity and skill, a very high level of proficiency is still highly advisable. You will have a guide, but are highly exposed to the will of nature.

Types of Skiing Available

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The majority of skiing in Antarctica will be off-piste, downhill skiing. This offers an opportunity for you to see some of the world’s most spectacular landscape from an even more breathtaking vantage point. Getting to carve the first tracks down a pristine mountain slope is a dream for most ski enthusiasts.

Cross country and multi-day ski expeditions are also widely available. This is your chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife. A unique opportunity to observe some of the planets most amazing creatures in their own, undisturbed, natural environment. You are a guest in their world.

Choosing the Best Trip

A variety of options are available in terms of trip length. Whether you prefer a multi-day expedition with overnight camping and a combination of cross-country skiing, traversing the vast terrain coupled with a trip to the peaks of the Ellsworth Mountains for some exhilarating downhill or a single day trip from the base camp, options are available.

Regardless of your trip choice, you should be prepared not only in body and mind. The level of physical exertion will be high and your physical fitness should reflect this. Packing the correct equipment is also of vital importance.

How Much Does it Cost?

Similar to any Antarctica trip budget, costs will vary considerably depending on your itinerary and nature of your ski adventure. However, as a once in a lifetime experience which requires intricate planning and an expert level of guidance, budget should be moderate to high. Prices can range upwards from £5,000.

Experience of a Lifetime

Making it to Antarctica is already one of the most memorable and unique experiences for any travel. Skiing there brings the experience to new heights, literally. If you are an avid skier, this is simply an experience which you can’t afford to pass up. An unforgettable experience that your family will share for generations.